Informed consent form + Donor agreement


If you would like to save time and fill out the E-form for informed consent you can reach It by clicking here - E-informed consent form

Click preview after signing digitally to review the form with the signatures, After submission, I will print sign, and Mail the original to you with the ICI or IUI vial shipment through FedEx .

A donor agreement Can be signed online by clicking HERE- Donor agreement  

The Donor agreement will be valid indefinitely is final and irrevocable or until the child/ children turn 18 years of age.

Donor agreement sign online ( required to be signed before vials are sent only needs to be signed once) -

You will keep the original documents for safekeeping

 Informed consent form DOES NOT need a notary to sign or witness this is ONLY for the Donor Agreement. Informed consent is valid for 30 days from the date of signing, you will need to sign online each ICI cycle if the past cycle does not work.


Ultrasound Photo release Waiver form 

If you would like to allow to Use and post Ultrasound images during pregnancy you can use the form below to allow consent 
You can reach the consent for release form by clicking here




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